Down Syndrome

As a cousin of a 6-year-old Down Syndrome girl, I know that people with this condition are not all miserable people with a horrible quality of life. I can’t imagine someone aborting a Down Syndrome child on these grounds, but as is turns out, 90% of babies, when the parent discovers they are Down Syndrome, are aborted. People would like you to belive that Down Syndrome people have no chance for a good life, but in reality, 99% of Down Syndrome adults report having a good life and being happy. High percentages of these people’s family members report being affected by this person in a positive way. The argument to abort Down Syndrome babies in completely skewed. Give Down Syndrome children a chance to live!


4 responses to “Down Syndrome

  1. It is also my understanding that the test they use to determine Down’s Syndrome is not accurate. I refused to have the test done both times I was pregnant. The doctor tried to talk me into it when I was pregnant with my twins explaining how they would terminate the life growing inside of me if it was less than perfect. I was appalled!!!!

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