Why Are Pro-Aborts Angry At Abortion Photographs?

There are many people and organizations that use abortion pictures to persuade people against having abortions or to become against abortion. This works on some people. Many, many others, however, are angered at these pictures. They want them outlawed. They want them gone. They never want to look at them again. They are disgusting and offensive.

Why do people have such reactions to these pictures? Why do these pro-abortionists insist that they be removed? I mean, it’s not pictures of dead babies, right? Abortion doesn’t kill babies, they just end pregnancies! If pro-abortionists truly believe this, then why are they so offended by these photographs?

The reason is that these people, deep down, realize that they ARE babies, and that their lives WERE taken through abortion. This is why they can’t stand the pictures, it reminds them that what they believe is wrong, and that abortion truly is wrong. If they didn’t think the pictures were accurate, then people wouldn’t care about seeing them. No big deal, right? But it is a big deal.

All humans, no matter the age, religion, or belief system, deep down know that unborn babies are alive, but for various reasons refuse to admit it, and instead hide that belief inside of them. Maybe they had an abortion or know someone who did and want to justify it. Maybe they would want abortion as a way out if they were ever pregnant. And maybe they just don’t want to believe that 1.2 million babies die on their watch every year. Whatever the reason, people’s natural pro-life views get shoved away, and they fight for the right to kill unborn children instead. If we want to reach these people and bring out those beliefs, we have to show them and remind them what they are actually supporting.


What do you think?

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