Tough Choices

A young girl, around 12 or 13, is walking down the street at dark, when suddenly a man takes her and violently rapes her. Devastated, she falls into a state of depression. She is ready to put it all in the past when she realizes something–she’s late on her period. Terrified, she obtains a pregnancy test which confirms her fears. She is pregnant with the child of a rapist’s.

Now, I know some people would say that she needs to have the right to an abortion. Well–and yes, I know this is probably an unpopular opinion–I disagree.

Yes, rape is traumatic. I can’t even begin to imagine having to go through it. However, if a victim of rape realizes she is pregnant, she probably feels scared, alone, and vulnerable. Some women would want to turn to abortion. But abortion is a cold lie. It may seem appealing, like you can magically “undo” all that happened by a simple procedure, but in reality, it is the killing of a child. Should a child’s life be taken just because of the crime the father committed?

Abortion in cases of rape takes a vulnerable, traumatized girl and further disturbs her by killing her child. The results of abortion in cases of rape is one dead child and one extremely wounded mother.

Which seems more traumatic to you: being raped, becoming pregnant, having the child killed, and having to live with that the rest of your life; or, being raped, becoming pregnant, delivering the child, putting the child up for adoption, and living knowing that your child is alive as well? (though some women choose to keep their children rather than giving them up for adoption, a most admirable move)

Some pro-lifers want an exception for rape. However, I don’t think there should be one. It may seem heartless at first, but once you look at the real reasons why abortion shouldn’t be allowed in cases of rape, I think you will better understand.


3 responses to “Tough Choices

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  2. I think you will better understand.

    Oh completely. Because pregnancy is easy and there are next to no risks involved in giving birth.

    I understand that you do not regard women as fully human. Believe it or not, women deserve full bodily autonomy.

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