What Are Unborn Babies?

I’d say one of the biggest arguments regarding abortion is whether or not the baby is not alive, and is just part of the mother’s body, or is alive and is its own person.

To understand and make a decision about this, you have to know about it. First off—what makes a person separate from another? What makes us unique? What makes us ourselves rather than someone else?

Some people claim that because a baby in his/her early stages is dependent on the mother, then he/she is not a separate human. However, this claim is erroneous. It should not matter whether or not one is dependent on another human to determine if said person is human. It would be like claiming someone on life support isn’t human because they depend on machines to live and cannot survive on their own.

Unborn babies are human because it’s in their DNA. A human’s DNA is different than, say, a dog’s. That’s what makes us human, and not any other kind of animal. Now, it is a fact that from the moment of conception, a human embryo is just that—a human. It is in his/her DNA. Also coded into said baby’s DNA is the color of eyes, skin, hair, and other traits. At conception, we have a human—nothing else but that.

So we have determined that a baby, at any stage, is a human baby. Now, on to the next matter—is that human baby alive?

Let me ask you this. Can a human be a human, but be neither dead nor alive? Pro-aborts think that unborn babies are not alive. So are they dead? No, because they would have had to be alive in the first place, right? So, by establishing that unborn children are human, we have established that they are alive as well.

Unborn babies are human. They have distinct DNA that is their own, not their mother’s. From conception, they go on to form arms, legs, organs, etc. (A baby’s heart is beating 21 days after conception!) All humans have a right to life.

You’ve read my argument. You may not agree. But let me ask you this—can you prove to me, 100%, without a single doubt, that an unborn baby is not alive? If the answer to that is no, then shouldn’t you give babies the benefit of the doubt and protect them?


What do you think?

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