Can One Be Christian…and Pro-Choice?

There are many people today who claim to be these two things—Christian, and pro-choice on abortion. Now we know, as Christians, that God opposes murder. I mean, He outright says it in the Ten Commandments. “Thou shalt not kill” is pretty straightforward. So how can a Christian support the slaughter of unborn children?

They can’t.

You see, as Christians, we have convictions about sin. If we sin, we feel convicted about it. If we lead others to sin, we do as well. As we have convictions about sin, we have convictions about supporting it. We don’t support rape. Why? It’s a horrible act of crime and sin. God’s Word preaches against it. Same with murder of born people.

So, can one be pro-abortion and Christian? My answer? No. You have to be one or the other. God does NOT sanction the slaughter of unborn children, and neither can we! So make your choice—are you going to accept abortion, or accept Jesus instead?


2 responses to “Can One Be Christian…and Pro-Choice?

  1. Appreciate the straightforwardness of this post. always striking to me the blindness and/or justification that has to take place for one who claims to know Jesus as Saviour to think abortion is ok.

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