Abortion: The UNchoice?

Reading through Abort73’s abortion regret testimonies, I found something in many of them: the women were severely pressured and sometimes threatened if they didn’t have an abortion. These are some I found:

“My dad printed out all sorts of things for me to look at: the expenses of a child and the places mothers without homes end up and stuff of that nature. He would talk behind my back, and I would hear it through the grapevine. ‘That’s not my daughter, if she has it, I will disown her and it.'”

“He told me that in his ‘professional opinion,’ it was imperative that I have an abortion as soon as possible, or risk losing my leg. I didn’t want this at all. I was hysterical with my boyfriend, begging him to help me stand up to the doctor so we could keep our baby. He slapped my face and told me I had to go through with [the abortion].”

“I told my husband that I was pregnant. He flipped out. He said no way. He didn’t want it. I said, whats the difference, 2 or 3? He said he didn’t want it no matter what. He told his parents. They flipped. You’re not having it. No way. I cried and cried. I was under their control. I had no option.”

“I remember I wrote a note telling her I was pregnant and that I was going to move in with my husband and we were keeping the baby. When she read that, she was mortified, and she just sat there and cried. She yelled at me and said such horrible things. When my dad came home, we told him, and he gave me an ultimatum. My mom and his exact words were, ‘You can either keep the bastard child and we cut off all ties with you, or you have an abortion and everything goes back to normal. You can have a lot of freedom.'”

So many women are unfairly forced and coerced into having abortions. They are threatened. They are yelled at for wanting to keep the baby. Some have even been help at gunpoint. It is imperative to be there for these women and support them. It is also important to remind them that it is ultimately their choice, and it is not lawful for people to be able to force someone to have an abortion. Refer them to pregnancy centers, who can help them. Please raise awareness to what is going on.


What do you think?

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