Why Be Pro-Abortion?

I often find myself pondering upon one question: Why would someone be pro-abortion?

I know why Planned Parenthood employees, abortionists, CEO’s, and others involved in the abortion business would be pro-abortion. They make money off of abortion being legal. Abortion means money for them. Some employees may be pro-abortion because they need to justify what they are doing. If they knew they were killing children, they couldn’t continue their jobs.

I believe some women are pro-abortion because they need to justify the abortions they had themselves. Pro-aborts who have had abortions themselves are usually proud to say they have. If they believe the baby was never living, then they don’t have to live with the guilt or pain of knowing they took a baby’s life.

I believe some are pro-abortion because they don’t know and are not informed about the pro-life position. They have never given thought on the other side of the debate before. These people are some we need to teach to–those who may not have ever heard the side of being pro-life.

And then there are the other pro-aborts. The ones that don’t make any money off of abortion, that don’t need to justify what they do or have done, and have heard both sides of the debate. Some pro-aborts really and truly believe that their side is the compassionate side. Maybe they haven’t been presented the scientific facts of life, or maybe they refuse to believe them because it is too much of a burden. We need to show these people that pro-life, and not pro-abortion, is compassionate and loving. Abortion hurts women, children, unborn children, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins…abortion hurts everyone, and the world needs to see this.


What do you think?

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