How Sweet to Hold a Newborn Baby

I recently held a newborn baby for the first time. He was 10 days old when I got to meet him. His features were so small. As I welcomed him into my arms, I felt a rush of joy at this young life. Although only 10 days had passed since his birth day, he had already been living for 9 months.

That’s what I thought as I held him. He was young, but he was older than just 10 days. He had been living for 9 months and 10 days. Then I began to think about what our law in America says.

Our law would have deemed that child “not human” 10 days ago. If that mother could have found a reason that she and her abortionist agreed on as a “health” risk, then that little boy could have been legally killed. If he was Down Syndrome, he could have been legally killed months 1-9. If there were any “familial” health risks, he could have been killed–LEGALLY!

I also began to think about how some people think infanticide is okay. Remember the article that was written by two “ethicists” that deemed killing babies okay? If that were legal, the little newborn who lay asleep in my arms could be killed without reproach.

In today’s society, human life is being devalued. Children only a couple of weeks younger than that boy have had their lives taken in the name of “choice.”

The little baby is such a blessing to his family. He has already brought joy to them in his short life. Why are babies’ lives not valued just because they are unborn? 10 days ago, that little boy could have been killed. We must pray to protect those babies whose lives are in danger because abortion is legal.


4 responses to “How Sweet to Hold a Newborn Baby

  1. Great points about the baby not being considered human even 10 days ago, and how it has been alive 9 months! Great stuff!

  2. I try very hard to see and understand all issues concerning spiritual issues. I have come to the belief that those whom participate and speak out in favor of killing unborn babies, do know they are doing wrong. They are NOT doing so out of ignorance!

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