The ABC (Abortion-Breast Cancer) Link

As you probably know, Planned Parenthood and other organizations deny a link between abortion and breast cancer. Once again, PP refuses to look at science and instead at their own selfish want for money. Just like science supports the ideal that life starts at conception, it also proves the link between abortion and breast cancer.


Estrogen is the hormone that makes women what they are-women. I can cause breast cancer, which is why they no longer use hormone therapy on women who are going through menopause. They realized that the hormone, estrogen, was causing women to have breast cancer. It is hard to understand why the hormone that is beneficial to women and allows them to bear children could cause breast cancer, but it does.

Estrogen can cause breast cancer in two ways. Estrogen causes breast cells to multiply, which is mitosis. When this happens, DNA is duplicated, and copying errors may occur. If this mutation is severe enough, cancer cells may form. Estrogen can also directly damage DNA. A woman’s body makes metabolites of estrogen called CE quinone, which directly damages DNA by pulling certain components of DNA out of the strands. Breast cancer patients have higher levels of CE quinone than women without.

Breast Maturity

At birth, all other organs are fully formed in girls besides the breasts. While they start to fully develop in puberty, they do not fully mature until the end of a full-term pregnancy. During pregnancy, the microscopic structure of breasts changes into type-3 lobules, which are cancer resistant. After a full-term pregnancy, over 70% of breast tissue is cancer resistant (which is called type 3 lobules). Until a full-term pregnancy, however, 70% of breast tissue is Type 1 lobules. Ductal breast cancer, which is 80% of breast cancers, starts in these Type 1 lobules. This is why ending these pregnancies increases chances of breast cancer, a fact many wish to ignore.

So, How High is the Risk?

Angela Lanfranchi, a breast surgeon, states that 5% of women who have abortions get breast cancer-or 10,000 women a year. It vaires-can be 10% or 200%-how much abortion increases one’s risks. However, the risk is there. Smoking causes 15% of smokers to get lung cancer. Only one in 15,000 people dies from getting their tonsils removed. People definitely tell the public these risks, even though these risks do not occur in the majority of people. So why doesn’t PP tell the public about the breast cancer link to abortion?

*This information was learned from Angela Lanfranchi, M.D. who is a breast surgeon. She has written articles here on


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