2012 World Down Syndrome Day

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome day because the date is 3/21. If you don’t know, Down Syndrome occurs when there are three copies of the 21st chromosome. Down Syndrome children are such a blessing, and we need to continue to remember them in our prayers. Also, we need to pray that the mass killing of these children in the womb will end!

90% of unborn children, when discovered to be Down Syndrome, are aborted. Why? Because of many, many misconceptions about them.

First, people think that they will be unhappy. Well, isn’t everyone at one point or another? These children have emotions (happy, sad, joy, mad, etc.) like anybody else.

Secondly, they think that these children will never have a productive life. Actually, these children can grow up and have jobs, friends, partners, etc.

Thirdly, they think they will have a poor quality of life. Trust me when I say they don’t. They are amazing, loving, happy, normal children and young people.

And then there are those that abort because of inconvenience or they want a “perfect” baby, not one who is “disabled.” This is the worst, in my opinion. Please pray for all of these people.

Do these children look sad?


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