If Planned Parenthood Wanted Abortion Rare, Wouldn’t They Support Pregnancy Centers?

So a big thing Planned Parenthood likes to say is that they want abortion rare. “abortion is a difficult decision women make, and we want to make it rare that she does” is their mantra-or so they want you to think.

If PP really wanted abortion rare, wouldn’t they try to give women other options rather than encouraging abortion? To them, abortion is simple, easy, and completely okay. Wouldn’t PP discourage abortion if they wanted it rare? Wouldn’t they support measures that could change a woman’s mind from having an abortion, like an ultrasound law? Wouldn’t they support pregnancy centers that give women other options?

The thing is, PP doesn’t want abortion rare-that’s how they make the money. They want women to have abortions (expensive procedures that PP makes money off of). Otherwise, they would support other options like adoption. So next time you hear PP want to “make abortion rare,” just remember the facts-why aren’t they discouraging abortion?


3 responses to “If Planned Parenthood Wanted Abortion Rare, Wouldn’t They Support Pregnancy Centers?

  1. I finally wrote a small blog on abortion. I need to follow your lead and be more pro active, yet I do not want it overshadow everything else, especially Salvation. For the most part, I think when a person actually is born again, they see the light. Thank you much for all your contributions on a daily basis.

    • You’re right. I wish everyone could be saved and see God’s way and follow Him. If more people were truly Christians who stood up for Jesus, we probably wouldn’t have the problem of abortion. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

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