Imagine when you were an unborn child. Of course, we don’t remember this, but imagine. Imagine the warmth of your mother’s womb surrounding you, keeping you safe. Imagine the cord that has attached you to her, giving you life. Imagine hearing her voice, and feeling love towards it. Imagine life in her belly, growing more and more by the day.

Now imagine feeling something cold prodding against you. You immediately feel threatened, knowing this isn’t normal. All of a sudden, you feel a tugging at your leg. What is this? You thrash, trying in vain to escape. All of a sudden, your leg is gone, the other one about to go with it. You scream, but there is no sound. Your other leg disappears, now your arms and torso do until your nothing but a head. Your life was taken in a few brutal, painful, terrifying moments. An abortionist crushes your head, tugging it out with the rest of your body. You watch from Heaven as your mother walks away from the building, leaving you behind.

This is terrifying to read, yes, but this, along with pictures of aborted children, is necessary to show people the inhumanity of abortion. Until we do, I fear, we will never stop this murdering of unborn children.


What do you think?

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