The Unfairness of 1973

In 1973, The Endangered Species Act was passed. It required that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services compile a list of all endangered and threatened species. The species on the list were to be protected by human harm by hunting, uprooting, and no government project must jeopardize the species. Also, every species must have a recovery plan. That’s a lot of stuff to protect animals and plants.

Which is fine, totally fine. We should protect our environment-it’s what we live off of and in. However, in 1973, animals and plants were made more important than unborn children.

Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, was in 1973 as well. It made it legal, through all nine months of pregnancy, for unborn children to be killed. Unborn children had no protection from abortion.

So, in 1973, it was deemed legal to kill an unborn human, but illegal to uproot an elfin tree fern.


What do you think?

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