A Necessary Evil

A phrase used by pro-choicers is “a necessary evil.” This is used when describing abortion. They mean that it is necessary to women, that it is evil, but a women just sometimes has to do it.

If it’s evil, why not work to prevent it? Also, why do they see it as evil? Is it because it is killing a child? Then why not make it legal to kill born babies, labeling it as “a necessary evil.”

Also, pro-choicers are not the first to use the phrase “a necessary evil.” Nope, this was used back in the 1800s, back when slavery was legal. Pro-slavery people often described slavery as “a necessary evil.” Am I getting my point across yet?

During the 19th century, when African-Americans were enslaved, people viewed them as being inhuman. Same with unborn babies-people try to say they are not human. Slaves were beaten and punished in the 1800s, and unborn children are ripped limb from limb and destroyed today. Slaves had no rights back then, nor do unborn babies now. Apparently both owning slaves and legal abortion rights are both “a necessary evil.” There is a correlation between the two. No one would stand for slavery, right? Then why stand for abortion?


What do you think?

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