Unborn Babies-Life in the Womb

After life begins, when sperm fertilizes an egg, creating a zygote and determining in that moment all about the baby (hair color, eyes color, height, etc.), a baby begins to grow. As early as 21 days, the baby’s heart begins to See full size imagebeat. Imagine that-a tiny little heart inside a tiny fragile body. As early as 42 days, brain waves can be recorded. Within a few weeks, the baby has developed a heart beat, brain waves, and has grown about 10,000 its previous size.

At nine weeks, a baby can suck his or her thumb. At three months, the baby can sleep, excercise, curl his or her toes, and move his or her mouth.  At four months, that baby’s mom can feel him or her move around. At five months, the baby is very active (babies born at this point have lived). Already the baby is active and playful!

At seven months, a baby’s eyes have opened, and from then on grows more and more, moves more and more, and finally, at nine months, prepares for delivery.

And that’s a baby’s life from day one to 9 months inside the womb. If this doesn’t show you that unborn babies are as alive as born babies, I don’t know what will!


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