March of Life Turns Out 500K, Pro-Abortion Virtual MarchTurns Out…Not So Many

You may have heard of the annual March For Life, where pro-lifers from all over the country meet at the nation’s capital to protest abortion. This year, an amazing 500,000 people dedicated themselves to showing up at this march.

While the pro-life march was going on, the other side of the issue had their own “march.” It was one online, all you had to do to support it was sign up. Can you guess how many people simply signed up online for the pro-abortion movement as opposed to the pro-life march, where people sacrificed their time and money to be there?

400,000? Nope.

300,000? Yeah, right.

200,000? They wish.

100,000? Not even.

The real number? 87,784.

That’s right, not even 100,000 pro-abortion people clicked a few keys and clicked the mouse on their computers to support the pro-abortion movement, but 500,000 traveled, spent time, and spent money to support the pro-life movement!!!

If this isn’t encouragement, I don’t know what is.


What do you think?

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